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Image of Civil War Musket

Civil War Musket

Ready! Take aim! FIRE! Load up great prop for your display, and can be used for any revolutionary soldier fighting for party freedom!"Civil War Musket" and charge! This black one piece wood stock imitation rifle has a gold civil war emblem on the butt...

Image of Pump Shotgun

Pump Shotgun

Solid wood and steel pump action shotgun. This shotgun has real pump action that sounds just like a real shotgun when pulled. 30.25" long.

Image of Big Tex Holster Set

Big Tex Holster Set

Every cowboy needs a gun and holster set. This includes soft vinyl holster and 30" belt. Guns suitable for adults when worn with your own belt.

Image of 44 Magnum Box Set

44 Magnum Box Set

Includes 44 magnum gun and 20 soft rubber ammo shots.

Image of Deluxe Double Holster Set

Deluxe Double Holster Set

This Double Holster Set is the perfect addition to any Cowboy or Sheriff costume. Includes: Decorated vinyl holsters with 8.5" long plastic and die-cast metal repeater pistols and belt. Guns suitable for adults when worn with your own belt. Now jump on...

Image of Pirate Pistol Deluxe

Pirate Pistol Deluxe

This frontier style pistol is designed to match the style of a practical 18th Century French Pirate Flintlock pistol.  Constructed with a solid one-piece wood stock, steel barrel and painted die-cast parts.  This is a great example of a flintlock "Pirate...

Image of Secret Agent Plastic Pistol Set

Secret Agent Plastic Pistol Set

Plastic pistol with holster, auto ejects caps and working clip. Fires strip caps. Pistol is 6.75" long.

Image of Cowgirl Pistol

Cowgirl Pistol

No cowgirl would be caught riding the range without her Cowgirl Pistol for protection.  This Western Girl Single Holster Set is constructed of plastic and die-cast metal parts with a pink grip.  Sized at 8.5" it also comes with a decorated vinyl holster...

Image of Western Air Pistols - Double

Western Air Pistols - Double

You will instantly travel back to the good 'ole Wild West when you add this Double Pistol Holster Set to your costume!  Each pistol is 11.5" long and made of durable plastic.  Set comes with 10 darts, 2 Holsters, Dart Holders and Belt.  They can fire...

Image of Detective Plastic Pistol

Detective Plastic Pistol

Well, first of all, this is a high priority case, and any good gumshoe is armed with at least a .38. This little doozy is perfect for that 80's detective, gangster, mugger, cheesy suited cop, or armed vixen character! Standard six shooter style imitation...

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