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Image of $100 Bill Wallet

$100 Bill Wallet

Jackpot! Your new Wallet just screams “Money“. Perhaps so because it looks like a real wad of $100 Bills. Who cares that our Wallets have never even smelled a real $100 Bill, they're lookin' super fancy now. Everyone will double take the moment they...

Image of 'Baconnaise' Bacon Mayonnaise Spread

'Baconnaise' Bacon Mayonnaise Spread

Bring home the Bacon and spread it all over your favorite foods. If your first reaction was horror then you™re not alone. We weren™t sure what to think of this item before we tried it. However, horror quickly turned into pure and utter helplessness...

Image of 'I'm Taken' Men's Boxers

'I'm Taken' Men's Boxers

Let everyone know you're Taken and proud. You're in love and everybody deserves to know just how lucky, special, talented, and entitled you are! Rip off your pants in the middle of the airport and force hundreds of eyes upon your badge of honor. The heart...

Image of 'Just Married' Men's Boxers

'Just Married' Men's Boxers

What says honeymoon or just plain celebration like these 'Just Married' Men's Boxers. Forget scribbling on the car windows or flags on the house, this is the way to go. Since you seem to have a tendency of exposing your underwear to the world lately,...

Image of 'The Perfect Democrat' Gag Gift Set

'The Perfect Democrat' Gag Gift Set

The Political Gift Pack for all Democrats is here! Pop open this box and be showered with gifts to make you smile. First put on the multicolored official Democrat Glasses and stare into the hysterical and scary Bush Countdown Clock from way back when....

Image of 'The Perfect Republicant' Gag Gift Set

'The Perfect Republicant' Gag Gift Set

If you're dead set in your Republican ideals you need a “Good Republican Gift Box“ asap. You're competitive spirit drives you toward the a conservative future and you're proud of your unfaltering stance. This Gift Box makes the perfect statement of:...

Image of ** Dolphin Laser Pointer Keychain **

** Dolphin Laser Pointer Keychain **

From “The Why Does This Thing Exist Department™“ comes the... DOLPHIN LASER POINTER Friends, this one's really got us stumped. Why would someone decide to take a cute little dolphin and shove laser technology inside™ Think about it. Of all the things...

Image of .50 Calibur Bullet Stylus

.50 Calibur Bullet Stylus

If you're looking for a technology tool for your phones, tablets, or touch smart devices but don't want something cutesy like lollipop or crayon shaped Stylus perhaps we have something for you. This .50 Calibur Bullet Stylus is anything but cute, alright...

Image of 1-Up Cake Molds

1-Up Cake Molds

These Cupcake Molds look just like little Mushrooms from your favorite video game! Just pour in the batter, bake, and voila!

Image of 100 Reasons to Panic About Getting Married Book

100 Reasons to Panic About Getting Married Book

Are you or someone you know having a getting hitched soon™ Are you thinking about it™ We have the perfect gift for you, 100 Reasons to Panic About Getting Married Book. Yes, but don't panic too much, it goes well with our Keep Calm collection!

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