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Image of "The Witch Is In" Tin Boot Sign on Arrow

"The Witch Is In" Tin Boot Sign on Arrow

Are you tired of people thinking that you're NOT a witch? You spend all that time learning magic spells and then people go around thinking that you're just some normal girl. Not any more. Plant this witch sign outside your door and everyone will know...

Image of 0-18 Months Black Tutu with Flower

0-18 Months Black Tutu with Flower

Thinking about getting some professional baby pictures taken soon? You should! They only stay that tiny for a short amount of time. Dress your baby in this Black Tutu with Flower. It fits babies 0-18 months old.

Image of 10" Raven Prop

10" Raven Prop

Have you ever seen Hitchcock's classic horror movie, The Birds? If so, I'm sure this 10" Raven Prop will trigger some fear in you. Add this prop to a scarecrow decoration or just have it sitting on your porch to freak out the trick or treaters.

Image of 10" White Bottle with Owl Stopper

10" White Bottle with Owl Stopper

Add this decoration to your collection of wicked potions. All of your guests will be convinced that you're secretly practicing witchcraft!

Image of 10'' Trumpet Candlestick

10'' Trumpet Candlestick

Here's the deal: in a haunted mansion everything was once clean, shiny & new. But as the house was abandoned and became haunted, things got dusty, tarnished, and covered with spiderwebs. This 10'' Trumpet Candlestick may have once been shiny new brass,...

Image of 10.5 Inch Weighted Pumpkin

10.5 Inch Weighted Pumpkin

Did you ever notice that pumpkin is just one letter away from being a "pump-KING?" Coincidence? We think not! Since this little squash is the number one decoration for Halloween and makes a delicious pie, we kind of think it was planned that way. They...

Image of 10.8 Inch Resin Halloween Double Pumpkin w/LED Candle

10.8 Inch Resin Halloween Double Pumpkin w/LED Candle

Can decide whether to decorate your front window with a spooky skull or a grinning Jack o Lantern? This unique decoration combines both, and includes an LED candle already inside! The resin pumpkin has realistic details and is sure to create a spooky...

Image of 1000W Fog Machine

1000W Fog Machine

Make your party one to remember with this 1,000 watt fog machine! It can produce 4,000 cubic feet of fog per minute and will create a spooky and mysterious atmosphere wherever you decide to use it! This machine requires fog liquid to operate (not included)...

Image of 100 Dollar Bill Costume

100 Dollar Bill Costume

Ever dreamed of rolling around in a pile of hundreds? This 100 Dollar Bill Costume, isn't quite that, but it's pretty darn close. You'll feel like the richest man alive in this funny costume.

Image of 10 Ct. Electric Skeleton String Lights Set

10 Ct. Electric Skeleton String Lights Set

This 10 Ct. Electric Skeleton String Lights Set lets your decor be spooky and lighthearted at the same time! These grinning skeletons are jointed, so they'll sway and rattle in a breeze. Use indoors or outdoors.

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