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Image of Bludie the Clown

Bludie the Clown

We can all relate to the feeling of being inside a carnival funhouse, all the lights and twisting corridors that just seem to go on and on, the endless tension building with each step.  Now imagine this BLUDIE THE CLOWN mask jumping out at you!!  Hello? ...

Image of Chingo The Clown Mask

Chingo The Clown Mask

Chingo doesn't make my fear of clowns any better, even if he is smiling! A pull over mask with a bright red nose and crazy red hair that will have people scared to even talk to you!

Image of Chompo The Clown

Chompo The Clown

If your fear of clowns wasn't bad enough, get a load of Chompo. The fashionable maniacal clown that sports a giant purple satin bow-tie, and clown red synthetic hair on the sides of a full-faced latex mask with a giant red nose, spotted top hat, and a...

Image of Clown Light Up mask

Clown Light Up mask

A really cool item that we have are light up masks. These masks leave your forehead and back of head open to breathe. The Clowny Light Up mask features light up tubing system from both temples to the nose and back out to the chin. Clowny has that scary...

Image of Clown Mask

Clown Mask

This horrific clown mask will send people screaming in fear rather than in delight when they get a look at you.  Includes a full latex over the head mask. 

Image of Color Change Killer Clown Mask

Color Change Killer Clown Mask

LED color change mask with wild plush hair and sequin bow tie. Requires 3 AA batteries.

Image of Evil Clown Half Mask

Evil Clown Half Mask

Clowns are feared the world over by adults and kids alike.  This Evil Clown half mask looks as if it just escaped straight from the evil fun house!  Made of latex in the half mask style, which makes your mouth uncovered for talking, eating or drinking...

Image of Evil Clown Mask

Evil Clown Mask

Don this realistic latex Evil Clown Mask and frighten even the most stalwart of citizens!

Image of Insano Clown Mask

Insano Clown Mask

Match our adult full overhead latex Insano Clown Mask to your craziest of happy and terrible clown outfits. 

Image of In Stitches Ripper Mask

In Stitches Ripper Mask

You won't win a face off with this clown. The In Stitches RiPPer mask consists of a hard inside layer with moveable jaw and a soft out layered fall away face piece. The outer face section is magnetically held up and falls when shifted.

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