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Image of 19" Gold Snake Necklace

19" Gold Snake Necklace

Cobras were sacred to the ancient Egyptians, and Cleopatra was especially fond of them. The image of a snake was part of the Pharaoh's royal crown. So this 19" Gold Snake Necklace is a richly authentic finishing touch to any Egyptian costume.

Image of 25-inch Long Beard & Mustache Set

25-inch Long Beard & Mustache Set

Add this 25-inch Long Beard & Mustache Set to your costume and fire up your moonshine still. Or invent a new kind of duck call. Or just dispense hillbilly wisdom while smoking your corncob pipe..

Image of 300 Movie Deluxe Queen Gorgo Costume

300 Movie Deluxe Queen Gorgo Costume

Spartans were a different breed of Greek, so it stands to reason that a Spartan queen would be a different breed of queen. In her lifetime Gorgo was known for wisdom and political savvy. Become her in this 300 Movie Deluxe Queen Gorgo Costume, and help...

Image of 300 Movie Themistocles Adult Helmet

300 Movie Themistocles Adult Helmet

Charge into battle, sword in hand, just like the Athenian general, Themistocles! If you want to look tough while you go sword to sword with the Spartans then this is the helmet for you. This 300 Movie Themistocles Adult Helmet will look cool with any...

Image of 300 Movie Themistokles Shield

300 Movie Themistokles Shield

When you're fighting in hand to hand combat, one of the greatest things you could have is a shield. Someone swings a huge sword at you, BAM, hits the shield. You survive another day. Now, the shield is less useful in regular life. You could use it to...

Image of 300 Movie Themistokles Sword

300 Movie Themistokles Sword

THIS IS SPARTA! Okay, so maybe we're a long ways away from ancient Sparta and Xerxes is a threat of the past, but having a trusty sword by your side is still a good idea at a costume party. You never know when you'll feel the need to wave it at your enemies...

Image of 3 Piece Crusader Set

3 Piece Crusader Set

You can never be too prepared for an attack by dragons! Without weapons, those big meanies just go around kidnapping princesses, stealing gold and wreaking havoc on the village. Of course, if your child wants to become a knight and slay that nasty dragon,...

Image of 50s Jackie Wig

50s Jackie Wig

They’ll love your new do once you’re in this 50s Jackie Wig. Legendary women are hard to come by, so don’t miss your chance to imitate one.

Image of Achilles Sword

Achilles Sword

Ah, Achilles, the Greek hero of the Trojan War! He was the demigod and son of Peleus and Thetis and a ferocious fighter. If you are going to wield this Achilles Sword, you better do the warrior some justice! Start practicing your slashing and stabbing...

Image of Adult Abe Lincoln Costume

Adult Abe Lincoln Costume

"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power." Of course, that is a wise quote from "honest Abe" himself. Become the respectable man who ended the American Civil War and restored our Union. This Adult...

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