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Image of Banana Costume (Size Adult)

Banana Costume (Size Adult)

There's nothing like a delicious and healthy banana in your diet and on your body! People and Chimpanzees alike will be dying to get a piece of you in this outrageous and festive adult-sized costume. Some people like Bananas in their ice cream while...

Image of Barak Obama Mask

Barak Obama Mask

It's election time again and campaign promises are being tossed around like confetti! So let the time for political Masks commence, we're proud to bring you this Barak Obama Mask. As these things go, it's a terrific caricature likeness of the Democratic...

Image of Chicken Mask

Chicken Mask

Once the chicken mask comes out, there is no going back. It is almost a guarantee that donning this mask will elicit hearty laughs, clucks, gobbles, and caws. Don't want anyone to know your true identity™ Go the way of the chicken. Want to scare your...

Image of CROW MASK


Stop looking, you've found it! The perfect mask for Halloween or for hanging out by the cornfield, (just like the guy in the photo.) The Crow Mask is also great for going to Edgar Allen Poe themed parties. Pair this mask with a black suit, top hat and...

Image of Doctor Who Fez and Bowtie Set

Doctor Who Fez and Bowtie Set

The Eleventh Doctor loves himself a good Fez and Bowtie. Now you can don a deep red set of both and set off on your merry, Time Lord way. Just don't drop it and insult it's original owner, Albert Einstein. Well, the original owner by explanation of...

Image of Horse Head Mask

Horse Head Mask

NAYYYYYY! Let your inner Horse loose on the town. Perhaps his name is Hershel or maybe her name is Honza the Horse. It really doesn't matter because you'll be on a crazy bender for all the things Horse's love! Things like hay, open fields, cigars,...

Image of Lucha Libre Mask

Lucha Libre Mask

Bring out your hidden Mexican Wrestler with this fun Lucha Libre Mask for all ages. Lucha Libre is quickly becoming well known outside of Mexico and fans are wrestling for their own masks more and more each day! Just don the Lucha Libre mask and wrestle...

Image of Pencil Thin Mustache Kit

Pencil Thin Mustache Kit

Get your inner, Pencil Thin Mustached persona in check. This Mustache Kit has all your personas in check and maybe a few more. You'll find perfectly stylish Mustaches that stick directly to your upper lip. Find the movie star, the villain, the director,...

Image of Penguin Costume (Size Adult)

Penguin Costume (Size Adult)

March your way across the icy tundra and into people™s hearts with this adorable and elaborate full body, adult-sized costume. This plush, extremely-huggable Costume is super soft and features full body coverage. Velcro closures keep you securely inside...

Image of Pigeon Mask

Pigeon Mask

Do you often find yourself hanging out around statues, begging for bread and sunflower seeds™ If this sounds like you or someone you know, then the next purchase on your shopping list MUST be the Pigeon Mask. In fact, buy several masks and you???ll be...

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