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Image of Elvis 3 Scarf Set

Elvis 3 Scarf Set

Thousands of screaming fans at your feet who all want a piece of you so they won't ever forget this night - what do you do?  Well, if you're the king himself ELVIS you simply pull off your scarf, wipe your brow and throw it into the frenzy!  With this...

Image of Elvis Cape

Elvis Cape

This beautiful Elvis Cape features a bird made with gold, blue, and red screen print jewels. From his Vegas years, this cape is lined with red, attaches at the neck with velcro, and is 27" long.

Image of Rock N Roll King

Rock N Roll King

Woof you. Woof you very much! If you're dog has to rent out the whole pet store, dog park, or grooming salon, they might just be Nothin but a Hound Dog, the King of Bark. Our Elvis costume for dogs features an trademark black haired wig, gold shiny glasses,...

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