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Image of 10'' Spider Decoration

10'' Spider Decoration

Weave a web of Halloween fun when you decorate with this frighteningly realistic multi-dimensional posable spider. One is scary; three or more are

Image of 1000 Watt Fog Machine

1000 Watt Fog Machine

There are all kinds of ways to decorate for Halloween but undoubtedly the very coolest decor is FOG. Nothing is quite so scary and so easy to set the scene for spooky fun - fog rolling in almost begs

Image of 10 pc Bag of Cut Off Fingers

10 pc Bag of Cut Off Fingers

Now the next time you want to give someone the finger - do it! Get a bag of 10 fake bloody fingers and use them as you wish - finger food; goody bag gifts; party decor - creepy fun in so many ways.

Image of 12'' Sleek Look Black Light

12'' Sleek Look Black Light

This 12'' Sleek Look Black Light is a great addition to any party basement; bedroom or any room where you chill with your friends. This item is battery operated; a foot long; mounts to your wall

Image of 12' Hanging Bride

12' Hanging Bride

You left her at the alter and now she will haunt you forever! Spook your guests with the extremely large 12' Hanging Bride. This hanging decoration features a distressed white gown with tattered hem;

Image of 12' Hanging Ghost

12' Hanging Ghost

The bigger; the scarier! Take this 12' Hanging Ghost for example--much scarier than a 12-inch ghost. Go big on Halloween and decorate your haunted house with this gigantic

Image of 12' Hanging Reaper

12' Hanging Reaper

Scare the life out of your guests when you decorate your haunted house with this 12' Hanging Reaper. The enormous; black clothed creepy reaper will send them

Image of 12' Hanging Scarecrow

12' Hanging Scarecrow

They say scarecrows are mostly meant for the corn fields; but you'll get an even better reaction when you decorate your haunted house with this 12' Hanging Scarecrow. Hang it somewhere everyone will

Image of 12' Hanging Skull

12' Hanging Skull

There's sure to be terror in the town when you hang this giant black and white Skull prop - he's a full twelve feet tall! Hang him from the rafters for a host of frightful fun -his arms stretch

Image of 12' Pumpkin Hanging Prop

12' Pumpkin Hanging Prop

Some things are truly scary like this stitched together grinning pumpkin corpse. The 12' tall hanging prop has gnarly hands and a a mouth full of teeth ready to take a bite out of anything it can

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