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Image of Corpse Mortal Remains

Corpse Mortal Remains

Standing at 64" tall and 22" wide this guy is a great addition to your haunted house. This is a special order item. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. Due to product size this item requires additional shipping charges.This item is not eligible for Free...

Image of Fleshrot Zombie

Fleshrot Zombie

Dressed in his burial best, Fleshrot Zombie just can't rest! Always the social one in life, why should death keep him from his social agenda? Fleshrot Zombie is up and ready to go for a killer night on the town! Due to product size additional shipping...

Image of Full Size Mummy

Full Size Mummy

Imagine you're walking through an ancient tomb and come across a mummy dying to be released. Now imagine you're at your next Halloween Party and come across the same thing! With this Full Size Mummy you'll create the terror of being muffified alive...

Image of Out of the Ground Torso

Out of the Ground Torso

Six feet is relatively a small distance between the living and the dead and this corpse has crawled every inch. Just breaking ground, this corpse shows off what a few months in the grave will do to a guy. Looking decomposed and disheveled, this guy is...

Image of Party Zombie

Party Zombie

Make SURE your guests don't get lost in the haunted swamp with this sign! The Party Zombie is a standing half-body prop that measures about 2.5 feet tall. This item may require additional shipping charges.This item is not eligible for Free Shipping.

Image of Rotted Corpse on Chain

Rotted Corpse on Chain

This 6' tall Rotted Corpse on a Chain has lost his legs. As a result, his eyes glow for as long as batteries allow. Due to the size of this item additional shipping charges apply.This item is not eligible for Free Shipping.

Image of Torso on Hook

Torso on Hook

Be sure to scare the daylights out of anyone this season with our Torso on Hook prop! Made out of latex with rope and hook attached for easy placement. This item may require additional shipping charges. This item is not eligible for Free Shipping.

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