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Image of Bag of Mini Skeleton Hands

Bag of Mini Skeleton Hands

Scatter this bag of hands on your table for a festive touch. Package of 6 hands each measuring 3 inches.

Image of Bloody Left Foot

Bloody Left Foot

This Bloody Left Foot is 11" long.

Image of Brain Bloody

Brain Bloody

This brain is missing from its owner and may easily become someone's next meal. It's painfully pragmatic. Add some extra blood gel to magnify the nasty details of this brain. Prop is 3" high by 5.5" wide and weighs approx. .35 lbs. Made of durable plastic.

Image of Creepy Cuts - Finger Fries

Creepy Cuts - Finger Fries

Includes one L7" x W4" container prop with dismembered fingers for "fries".

Image of Creepy Cuts - Party Appetizers

Creepy Cuts - Party Appetizers

Think of this as an appetizer combo for the Donner Party. Features life size fingers, eyeballs, and other assorted delicacies.

Image of Creepy Cuts - Party Fingers

Creepy Cuts - Party Fingers

Lady's fingers? Check. Man's hands? Check. Alright! Looks like we've got all the right ingredients for a delectable dinner for the Donner Party. You're guests will settle in for a cozy dinner party on a long winter's night when you serve up these life...

Image of Cut Off Finger

Cut Off Finger

Realistic man's severed finger is stained with blood at the cutting point and features exposed bone. Check out our other severed parts below for the finest collection of dismembered extremeties available!

Image of Cut Off Gothic Vampire Head

Cut Off Gothic Vampire Head

Proudly display your hard-earned vampire head trophy!  Use it in a spooky scene or part of a vampire hunter costume!

Image of Foam Heart

Foam Heart

Use this Foam Heart in a gory set or scene to really create an atmosphere to be remembered!!

Image of Foot Severed

Foot Severed

Life size severed foot is made of soft latex and comes complete with exposed bones and dripping blood. This item may require additional shipping charges. This item is not eligible for Free Shipping.

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