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Image of Animated Black Tree

Animated Black Tree

This 5 foot sound activated spooky black tree has light-up eyes while his arms move as he emits laughing sounds! Measures L60" x W55".

Image of Animated Faceless Spectre

Animated Faceless Spectre

Who is that guy? As mystery runs all over their petrified faces, party goers, trick or treaters, or co-workers will run front this "Faceless Spectre" who does it's haunting in a tattered, white, hooded robe. Black blank face with light up red eyes and...

Image of Animated Ghastly Reaper with Sounds

Animated Ghastly Reaper with Sounds

This reaper doesn't seem so determined to collect souls as much as he is ready to make them shrivel. This ghastly reaper is just that, garbed in a tattered white cloth robe and equipped with motion sensored bugged out light up eyes that flash, spring...

Image of Animated Ghost

Animated Ghost

Some people don't believe in the paranormal... Well with this sound activated ghost, you'll definitely turn them into believers! His face illuminates under his phantom sheet, his arms move and he laughs as he spooks your guests! At 60 inches long and...

Image of Animated Ghoul Torso

Animated Ghoul Torso

Who needs the bottom half of their body? When it comes to terrifying homeowners, neighbors, part goers, or trick or treaters, this hanging ghoul torso that wears a blood splattered tattered, long sleeve flannel style shirt. Hangs from left arm with rope,...

Image of Animated Hex

Animated Hex

This figure will have your guests screaming. Farmboy Hex has eaten one too many rotting cows, and has truly become one of the children of the corn, turning into a sinister demon. His head spins around and his eyes flash while he cackles a sinister laugh...

Image of Animated Long Leg Light Up Spider

Animated Long Leg Light Up Spider

Make a web and set the trap for this super freaky extra long legged spider. Halloween sounds broadcast as these hairy legs move, while the beady little eyes light up with red LEDs. Life like gray hair and abnormal size rank this grotesque creature high...

Image of Animated Reaper - Eye Falling Out

Animated Reaper - Eye Falling Out

Keep an EYE out for any ghouls! Prop up this animated reaper who's eye along with the goo it's attached with stretches out to one of his skeleton hands, where he hold it so he can watch your every movement as you peer at his other lit up red eye, skull...

Image of Animated Slashing Bat

Animated Slashing Bat

Light up eyes with slashing hands. Sound activated. L36" x W28"

Image of Animated Talking Winged Reaper

Animated Talking Winged Reaper

This hanging, sound activated reaper's eyes light up and mouth moves as he says Halloween phrases! 60" long x 48 " wide.

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