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Image of Baron Von Bloodshed Costume

Baron Von Bloodshed Costume

Looking to be a Vampire this Halloween but wanting something a little less traditional - maybe a bit on the modern side?  Check out the Baron Von Bloodshed vampire costume.  Includes Full Length Jacket with lace up detail on front and sleeves and matching...

Image of Cold Blooded Vampire Costume

Cold Blooded Vampire Costume

He likes his blood warm and pulsing, but his actions make mortals shiver with cold.  He may seem like he's warming up to somebody—but then they turn up missing.  Enjoy the plasma of your friends with our Cold Blooded Vampire costume.  This shirt and cape...

Image of Count Bloodthirst Costume

Count Bloodthirst Costume

He's dark and mysterious but you just can't seem to stay away from him.  The blood thirsty vampire includes vest with attached sleeves and chain trim and lined cape with attached collar.  Don't forget your fangs and blood caplets - found in our accessories...

Image of Countess Carmella Costume

Countess Carmella Costume

Rule the party as the seductive mistress of darkness when you wear our Adult Countess Carmella costume. This sexy costume features a sexy, full-length dress with mock corseting and attached white fabric. You'll look incredibly hot while you spread your...

Image of Countess of Mayhem Costume

Countess of Mayhem Costume

Embodying everything dark and evil about the dead of night, our spooky Adult Countess of Mayhem Costume is sure to scare the daylights out of partygoers anywhere! This vampiress costume transforms you into a creature of the night, and includes an alluring...

Image of Countess of Transylvania Costume

Countess of Transylvania Costume

You'll be the belle of the vampire ball in our adult sized Countess of Transylvania costume! This deluxe costume is a part of the Grand Heritage Collection by Rubies Costumes. This long black dress has a full length front iridescent burgundy accent with...

Image of Goddess of Twilight Costume

Goddess of Twilight Costume

Blah! You won't be hearing that this Halloween dressed in this simple and sexy Goddess of Twilight costume. People will be dying to get to know you better. The Goddess of Twilight costume comes with zipper front jacket with collar and full length mermaid...

Image of Gothic Vampira Costume

Gothic Vampira Costume

This lady was turned into a vampire on a high school graduation trip to Europe, in an attack that left all her classmates dead.  Now she lives out immortality avenging the death of her teenage lover.  Warn your friends to watch out on the full moon when...

Image of Gothic Vampire Costume

Gothic Vampire Costume

His father was a graveyard keeper who was killed by the same vampire that turned him immortal.  Now, he vows to grow strong and seek his revenge.  Feel the vengeance and the thirst for blood in our Gothic Vampire costume.  This costume includes a white...

Image of Love Bite Vampire Costume

Love Bite Vampire Costume

This sexy hot adult costume is a perfect mixture of the classic Monmartre style mixed with some gothic vampiric flourishes added for mystery and mystic!  This adult Love Bite Vampire Costume includes: Corset top, garter Skirt with Bow back, Neck piece...

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