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Image of Full Steam Ahead

Full Steam Ahead

Includes coat with vinyl gear design and boot covers.

Image of Shadow Stalker

Shadow Stalker

When steam powered technology and alchemy combine for an entire new movement, Vampire's aren't far behind! This "Shadow Stalker" costume involves the look of anachronistic technology, but the thirst for human blood that includes a very cool black mini...

Image of Sir Steampunk

Sir Steampunk

This industrial and victorian Sir Steampunk costume lets you dress to join the movement and fashion craze! Costume features a black shirt jacket with gear details and a gold printed ascot. Pants, goggles, and shoes pictured are not included.

Image of Steampunk General

Steampunk General

Become a gentleman of the Old World with the Steampunk General costume.  This timeless costume includes ascot, shirt with attached vest and jacket.  One size fits gentleman size 42-46.  Pair with our Steampunk Shoe Spats and Steampunk Bell Topper sold...

Image of Steampunk Gentleman

Steampunk Gentleman

With a touch of the industrial age, a bit a sophistication and a little Old World know how you can become part of the latest fashion craze.  Introducing the Steampunk Gentleman costume which includes jacket and pants.  One size fits chest...

Image of Steampunk Girl - Adult

Steampunk Girl - Adult

Includes dress, glovettes, hat with scarf, and goggles.

Image of Steampunk Jack

Steampunk Jack

Whether you're piloting a zeppelin, conducting a steam train, or loading cannons, Steampunk Jack is well equipped for yet another adventure. His white jabot prevents cold winds from creeping in his shirt, stylish gold and black paisley vest front seals...

Image of Steampunk Lady

Steampunk Lady

Includes dress with detailed vest. Hat sold separately.

Image of Steampunk Renegade 6-10

Steampunk Renegade 6-10

Right O my dear lady, if we may impose that this renegade is nothing short of rugged. She's sleek and stylish and full of adventure. Dress is a standard size that includes jacket, corset, and lace trimmed skirt. One size fits most women size 6-10.

Image of Steampunk Showgirl

Steampunk Showgirl

Like a little Neo Victorian and Steam with your coffee.  Become a cog in the wheels of the last fashion phaze.  Steampunk Showgirl costume includes bare midriff top with button detail, skirt with attached belt and sheer netting and pantaloons. ...

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