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Image of Doctor's Lab Coat Costume

Doctor's Lab Coat Costume

Doctor, we need 10 cc of saline STAT! Whether you want to dress up as a vet, a mad scientist, a doctor, or a crazy lab assistant, this white Adult Doctors Lab Coat is the easiest way to go medical. Just by wearing this coat, you will be sure to command...

Image of Doctor Scrubs Costume

Doctor Scrubs Costume

It's time to scrub up for your next operation in the ER with these authentic looking Adult Doctor Scrubs! Whether you're headed out to a costume party, or simply looking for a theater costume, this doctor is in! Step out like a surgeon in this comfortable...

Image of Dr. Dread Costume

Dr. Dread Costume

Dr. Dread looks like he is more comfortable in a lab then actually helping patients. Perhaps because they all run away screaming in fear of the mad Dr. Dread! This Dr. Dread costume features a jacket, face mask, and rubber gloves. When you are ready to...

Image of Dr. Hardick

Dr. Hardick

This doctor wants to poke you with his syringe! Dr. Hardick costume features a white snap front lab coat with a PVC syringe needle belt. Belt features silver and red detailing with a functional zipper and pouch. A "Dr. Hardick" name tag is also included.

Image of Dr. Howie Feltersnatch Costume

Dr. Howie Feltersnatch Costume

Not everyone will want to play doctor with this guy! Play the part of a perverted doctor this Halloween with our Dr. Howie Feltersnatch costume. This Dr. is always ready to take on new patients. In fact, he's in good company when he volunteers at the...

Image of Dr. Kill Joy Costume

Dr. Kill Joy Costume

Dr. Kill Joy enjoys his job a little too much. We're just not sure he is in the right profession - he might feel more at home in slaughterhouse! Bringing a twisted twist to the traditional surgeon's costume, this outfit forgets the "do no harm" portion...

Image of Dr. Seymour Bush Costume

Dr. Seymour Bush Costume

Seymour found his calling playing doctor with the neighbors kids while growing up. Now Dr. Seymour Bush is a disrespected OB/GYN with a laundry list of ethical violations. This Adult Dr. Seymour Bush costume comes with a white embroidered lab coat and...

Image of Mad Scientist Costume

Mad Scientist Costume

Whether he is whipping up love potions in his lab or searching for the meaning of life, this mad scientist is ready to party. Who cares whether or not he actually finished college? This Adult Mad Scientist costume includes the white full-length lab coat,...

Image of Naughty Nurse

Naughty Nurse

Includes wet look and mesh short sleeve dress with sweetheart style line, contrasting back zipper closure, first aid patches, removable garters and nurse headband.

Image of Nurse Juana B. Sedated

Nurse Juana B. Sedated

Please give me something for the pain! Holistic medicine never sounded so good with this natural pain killer. "Nurse Juana B. Sedated" has the prescription for you lovesick symptoms. Her white with red detailed stretchy, sexy dress features a low cut...

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