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Image of 2nd Skin Bodysuit - Ninja

2nd Skin Bodysuit - Ninja

Sniping in the trees waiting for the prompt moment for attack. Feel the stealth power and supreme mobility a ninja needs with a ninja suit with complete visibility.

Image of Adult Satin Kimono Robe

Adult Satin Kimono Robe

This beautiful satin polyester kimono features a geisha and blossom print pattern with accent color. A detachable back piece with bow (obi-ita) attaches with a loop around the apron style tie cord (obijime) and decorative outer waist sash (obiage). This...

Image of Anime Warrior Costume

Anime Warrior Costume

Channel your mystical powers to fight for good or to save the planet with this Harajuku inspired Anime Warrior.  With just a little creative expression, this costume can accommodate Trunks, Yu-Gi-Oh, or Vampire Hunter D—and looks remarkably similar to...

Image of Cherry Blossom Brocade Dress

Cherry Blossom Brocade Dress

You'll be the classiest lady in town when you don this beautiful black and red Cherry Blossom Brocade Dress. Perfect for your Geisha costume or any occasion demanding a little more elegance.

Image of Far East Empress

Far East Empress

Refined beauty, confidence and a quiet sensuality become yours when you dress in the Far East Empress costume.  Costume includes full length satin embroidered gown, waist sash, flower headpiece and fan.

Image of Haunted Mirror Ninja Costume

Haunted Mirror Ninja Costume

Take on the true mysterious look of a dark samurai warrior, by concealing your identity with a "Haunted Mirror Ninja" suit. Full headed pull over black see though mask has a shiny metallic mirrored visor so that the last thing your enemy sees is their...

Image of Ninja Adult Costume

Ninja Adult Costume

Patience young grasshopper--focus your power to fight against darkness. Become of the ancient order of the Japanese samurai with this authentic Adult Ninja Costume. Sneak through the night and parties with this sleek black ninja costume consisting of...

Image of Playboy Geisha Costume

Playboy Geisha Costume

At your service and ready to please the Playboy Geisha costume includes silky pink wrap dress with Playboy emblem print and dolman sleeve detail.  Check out our great wigs and shoes to complete this costume.

Image of Samurai


Be a true Japanese warrior when you wear this Samurai costume. Costume features a black satin robe, pants, and a belt. Dragon print detail is on the front and back as well.

Image of Sexy Assassin

Sexy Assassin

This sexy costume includes side cut out romper with straps and stud detail, pair of swords with matching tie detail.

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