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Image of Beer Schlong Costume

Beer Schlong Costume

Thirsty? Tap this. Beer Schlong brings new meaning to the term 'big gulp'. Beer Schlong will be sure to quench your craving to have a frosty, cold one cross over your lips. Fully equipped with storage for two cans of your favorite beverages this is the...

Image of Cock Block Costume

Cock Block Costume

Are you tired of all the other guys getting the ladies?  Always just one second too late to step in and show her YOU are the man of her dreams?  Why not become the ultimate 'blocker' by wearing our comical Cock Block costume.  No guy, no matter how swave...

Image of Country Lovin' Costume

Country Lovin' Costume

Woo Wee!!! Billy Bob gone done it again! One too many beers at the watering hole and this boy was in need of some lovin'. Some country lovin' that is. The barn door is open, and the fun has just begun! Country bumpkin Billy Bob and Lambchop bring new...

Image of Double Occupancy Costume

Double Occupancy Costume

Want a costume that will really make a statement and be a guaranteed conversation piece along with having plenty of shock value?  This naughty Double Occupancy costume is just for you!  This is a one piece costume. Costume fits up to 200lbs.

Image of Down for the Count Costume

Down for the Count Costume

The ancient proverb says that 'you reap what you sow'. Apparently when one spends his undead life wandering around telling people that he 'Vants to suck your blood' this is the scandalous predicament that the Count gets himself into. While it's true that...

Image of Dr. Rohl A. Doobie

Dr. Rohl A. Doobie

Includes labcoat with marijuana detail. One size fits most up to a 42" chest.

Image of Free Willie

Free Willie

His killer whale doesn't want to stay in confinement anymore! This Free Willie costume features a stuffed orca whale protruding from below the belt. Costume fits over your favorite jeans and secures around the waist with the attached belt. Costume fits...

Image of Giant Boob Costume

Giant Boob Costume

Forget about Tokyo! You'll be able to tune in Pluto when you don one of our giant boobs! Double your fun and create a hilarious riot at the party by grabbing a bosom buddy and going as a pair! Make sure to give your new found womanhood a more voluptuous...

Image of Jack Hammer Costume

Jack Hammer Costume

No one crosses the street when they see this sexy guy working on the construction site.  With a PVC jackhammer belt, safety vest and toy helmet, this man has every tool in the trade to make anyone melt.

Image of Knight To Remember Costume

Knight To Remember Costume

Once upon a time a lady named Rapunzel let her hair down so when her knight arrived atop his white horse, he could climb up and save her.  When you wear our Knight to Remember costume it's pretty obvious you've arrived with your own huge equipment!  Fair...

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