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Image of Cave Beauty Costume 6-12

Cave Beauty Costume 6-12

Between harvesting roots, gathering water, and tending the fire, this woman is always ready to please her man.  Take your place as a rugged hunter/gatherer with our Cave Beauty costume.  This prehistoric home economist includes a cheetah print dress with...

Image of Cave Girl Cutie Costume

Image of Cave Stud Costume

Cave Stud Costume

This stud is primed and ready for a night of carnal pursuits.  After hunting sabertooth tiger, he's ready to please his cave beauty.  You too could be equipped in our Cave Stud costume.  This cheetah print tunic is attached at one shoulder with a hanging...

Image of Cavewoman Costume

Cavewoman Costume

Just because she's prehistoric, doesn't mean she doesn't know how to party!  Attending the cave party of the year?  Our Cavewoman costume is perfect for such an occasion.  This sleeveless plush tunic is made of suede and different styles of faux fur. ...

Image of Cool Caveman Costume

Cool Caveman Costume

It's a tough Neanderthal world out there.  It takes more than just any caveman outfit to be noticed these days.  Need some extra punch in your caveman garb?  Check out this Cool Caveman with his 4 different kinds of faux fur!  This sleeveless plush tunic...

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