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Image of 1960s Paisley Hippie Costume

1960s Paisley Hippie Costume

Wishing for the the 1960's to come back won't turn you into a hippie girl, ready for some dancing. What will do that, is a cute paisley dress with enough colors to make sunglasses a mandatory accessory for anyone who wants to get a glimpse of you.

Image of 60's Babe Wig

60's Babe Wig

You may never have the chance to become the musically talented host of your own wildly successful 1960's television show, but there's nothing wrong with putting on this black wig to pretend like you are. Just make sure you have a set of psychedelic clothes...

Image of 60s Brigitte Bouffant Wig

60s Brigitte Bouffant Wig

Girls in the early 60s spent hours teasing and back-combing their hair to achieve the look of this 60s Brigitte Bouffant Wig. And if you're old enough to know what a rat-tail comb is, maybe you did, too (or maybe you watched your mom or older sister)....

Image of 70's Yellow Ladies Boots

70's Yellow Ladies Boots

Can you dig these 70’s Yellow Ladies Boots? They’re a great way break out of your closet disco queen routine! Simply put, you need these in your life.

Image of 70s Afro Comb

70s Afro Comb

Any costume that you've got with an afro could always use a pick. From the 1970s pimp costumes to the gang banger jailbird costumes, anytime you've sportin' the 'fro, keep it manageable with an afro comb. Keep your hair funky and fresh with one of these...

Image of 70s Disco Man Costume

70s Disco Man Costume

So, you think you're the biggest stud under the disco ball, but you're not wearing a sweet dancing jumpsuit? You've got a lot to learn about being a 1970's stud muffin. Let us give a you a pointer. You need this disco man costume to really show off your...

Image of 70s Sexy Psychedelic Dress

70s Sexy Psychedelic Dress

It might be a few decades past the 70's, but who's really counting anyways? We're certainly not. We still think this psychedelic dress is totally awesome.

Image of 70s Tie Dye Diva Costume

70s Tie Dye Diva Costume

When your outfit has a crazy affair with a rainbow, this tie dye dress is what you get. It's recommended that you wear sunglasses while looking at it, like the tinted hippie kind of glasses.

Image of 70s Wild Flower Dress Costume

70s Wild Flower Dress Costume

Those hippies knew what life was all about, and we're not talking love and peace. We're talking about flower dresses and dancing. Pretty much all of life's problems could be solved if everyone would just stop, put on this cute flower dress and shake what...

Image of Adult Afro Wig

Adult Afro Wig

Put down the fro pick and just step away. Sometimes hair doesn't want to cooperate, but when you've got a hot date waiting, you don't have time to sit in front of the mirror. Take the trouble out of getting your hair just right with this Adult Afro Wig....

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