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Image of Cashanova OppoSuit

Cashanova OppoSuit

Money talks! By wearing Cashanova you can really show them what you’re worth; style and wealth combined in one suit. Perfect for when you’re going to open up a new account at the bank, a job interview on Wall Street or when you accidentally find yourself...

Image of Mr. Jack OppoSuit 44

Mr. Jack OppoSuit 44

Jack the Ripper, Jack Nicholson, Jack Daniel’s, Jack Russell, Jack Black, Jack White and loads more. All well and good, but we all know that the only Jack that really matters is Mr. Jack. You probably have seen this Union Jack suit lots of times on TV...

Image of Poker Face OppoSuit

Poker Face OppoSuit

We suspect wearing Poker Face whilst playing poker in the casino will make it pretty hard for your opponents to keep their poker face straight. This OppoSuit has Vegas written all over it and this poker costume will make a fantastic look behind a poker...

Image of Tashtastic OppoSuit

Tashtastic OppoSuit

The moustache is back in fashion! OppoSuits is a big fan of a bit of facial hair on the upper lip (of a guy, we’re not too sure about girls with a tash) and to declare our love we have designed Tashtastic. This awesome suit, a real OppoSuits classic in...

Image of Testival OppoSuit

Testival OppoSuit

Testing 1, 2, 3... Back in the day when boats were made of wood and men were made of steel, you would see this screen on the TV when there was an outage on TV. These days, everything is digital and everyone seems to have forgotten this test card screen....

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