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Image of Cut Off Finger

Cut Off Finger

Realistic man's severed finger is stained with blood at the cutting point and features exposed bone. Check out our other severed parts below for the finest collection of dismembered extremeties available!

Image of Deluxe Bone Crusher Axe

Deluxe Bone Crusher Axe

Everyone will fear you when you wield this Deluxe Bone Crusher! Deluxe Bone Crusher Axe is 8" x 15".

Image of Deluxe Machete

Deluxe Machete

This Deluxe Machete looks aged and used. Made from a heavy plastic, just add some fake blood and it will look like you just made a slice into something living. The Deluxe Machete measures 19.1' from top to bottom. This item may require additional shipping...

Image of Dropping Spider With Sound

Dropping Spider With Sound

Hang this Dropping Spider With Sound in an unsuspecting place and watch your friends and guests cringe and cry out in fear!  This spider is sound activated, is 4' across and requires 3 AA batteries, which are not included. This item may require additional...

Image of Fog/Mist Maker

Fog/Mist Maker

Place this fog/mist maker in any container, add a little water and you're on your way. Boxed with complete instructions. Runs on standard power.

Image of Foot Severed

Foot Severed

Life size severed foot is made of soft latex and comes complete with exposed bones and dripping blood. This item may require additional shipping charges. This item is not eligible for Free Shipping.

Image of Full Size Mummy

Full Size Mummy

Imagine you're walking through an ancient tomb and come across a mummy dying to be released. Now imagine you're at your next Halloween Party and come across the same thing! With this Full Size Mummy you'll create the terror of being muffified alive...

Image of Giant Spider w/ Light Up Eyes

Giant Spider w/ Light Up Eyes

This Giant Spider Light Up Eyes is 8' wide and has black legs with white detail. Uses 3 AA batteries, which are not included. This item may require additional shipping charges. Not eligible for FREE SHIPPING.

Image of Hand Severed

Hand Severed

Life sized severed hand is made of latex and comes complete with exposed bone and blood.  Gives new meaning to the phrase, "Give me a hand!"  With this prop, you actually can!!

Image of Jack-O-Lantern Kit

Jack-O-Lantern Kit

Everything you need to create a one of a kind Jack-O-Lantern is included in this kit! Kit includes 5 stencils, 1 carver tool, 1 pumpkin patch kid tool, 1 etching tool for detail, 1 marking pen, 1 pumpkin scoop and 1 candle and holder.

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