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Image of Airbrush & Bodypainting Book

Airbrush & Bodypainting Book

Jos Brands renowned makeup artist provides step by step instruction on body painting using free hand & stencil techniques. This book shows the human body as an interesting three dimensional canvas for painting.

Image of Clown White, 8.5 Oz.

Clown White, 8.5 Oz.

Kryolan Clown White Makeup 8.5 oz.-Washes off with soap and water. White makeup

Image of Day-Glo Makeup Kit

Day-Glo Makeup Kit

Five day-glo crayons that glow under black light.

Image of Fixative Spray

Fixative Spray

This spray will seal your make-up better than any powder.

Image of Imported Blood, 1/3 Oz.

Imported Blood, 1/3 Oz.

A truly professional blood, will not stain most fabrics.

Image of Lipstick Day Glow

Lipstick Day Glow

Unique. Will glow under blacklight.

Image of Magic Blood

Magic Blood

As used by special effects people in Hollywood. Made in two parts. First paint part A on your skin, then when it comes in contact with part B you have instant blood.

Image of Maleficent- Aurora Glitter Opalescent

Maleficent- Aurora Glitter Opalescent

Kryolan Day Glow Makeup 1 oz. Bottle. Color for hair and special effect. Instead of Blue Hairspray, Blue makeup coloring.

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