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Image of Brown Faux Leather Pirate Hat

Brown Faux Leather Pirate Hat

No need to wear a lost pirate hat regurgitated by a giant sea cracken! This brown faux leather traditional pirate's hat is slightly flexable and fits up to a hat size 6 3/4. Quality clips hold brim up in place for triangle shape. Also makes a great prop...

Image of Deluxe King Crown

Deluxe King Crown

Royalty spares no expense, but with these deluxe white plush brim with red plastic jeweled crowns, that is trimmed with six layers of gold sequin, and capped off with a red, soft, cloth, slightly ruffled top,you get quality for a low price. A strand of...

Image of Red White Blue Sequin Tie

Red White Blue Sequin Tie

Patriotism never ends around here, that's why we have another avenue for you to take your Independence, political, or any costume party! Fly "Old Glory" by clipping on an extra wide sequin tie that reflects the "Promise Land's" internationally recognized...

Image of Tommy Gun Prop

Tommy Gun Prop

The Tommy Gun is the classic weapon of choice for most gangsters and law enforcement officers in 1920-30's. Its iconic style and rapid fire action made it a formidable weapon for the good, the bad, and the incredibly ugly. If you are planning a gangster...

Image of Vinyl Aviator Hat

Vinyl Aviator Hat

Leatherheads, retro pilots, or innovative steam punk characters can be derived from one of these one sixe brown vinyl aviator hats. One short strap lays parallel to forehead and buckles in to a brass dual ring for an authentic cool looking hat fit for...

Image of Wool Beret

Wool Beret

Pierre, a painter, beatnik, revolutionary, French hipster, or golfer? Hey been called worse, but if it's one of listed characters or your own creation, do it in a wool French style black beret!

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