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Image of Chuckles the Clown

Chuckles the Clown

This lifesize prop is made of polyurethane high density foam. He comes in two pieces, split at the waist for easier shipping and storage. He also includes the box pictured for him to sit on and a poster to hang behind his head. He plugs in with an included...

Image of Dobson the Butler-Shakes

Dobson the Butler-Shakes

Dobson stands approx. 5.5 feet tall and is made of fiberglass. He has a battery unit or an AC plug for its shaking effect. Comes in two pieces and will require additional shipping charges.This item is not eligible for Free Shipping.

Image of Gravely Lifesize Butler

Gravely Lifesize Butler

This Gravely Lifesize Butler will be a gruesome addition to your Halloween decor. Ideal for greeting your guests with a tray of spooky or yummy treats. The Gravely Lifesize Butler stands 5'4" tall, is made of light-weight poly-foam, has a 2/3 frontal...

Image of Gypsy Fortune Teller & Lighted Crystal Ball

Gypsy Fortune Teller & Lighted Crystal Ball

Add the finishing touch to your haunted house this year with our Gypsy Fortune Teller & Lighted Crystal Ball.  This prop features realistic taxidermy eyes, attached hair, and a motion-maker unit making the fortune teller shiver, shake and clatter her...

Image of Inbred Fred

Inbred Fred

Here is a prop that will really give your guests a scare. Plug in the 9V AC Adapter and Fred shakes his hands and pitchfork. You can even position his hands to reach out to your unsuspecting guests! He is hand-painted to look like a realistic mutant farmer....

Image of Old Deadeye Gungslinger - No Smoke

Old Deadeye Gungslinger - No Smoke

Old Deadeye the Gunslinger is ready to take on Marshall Dillon. Life size prop makes a great greeter. NON SMOKING model. Due to the size of this item (nearly 6 ft tall) additional shipping charges apply. This item is not eligible for Free Shipping.

Image of Quaking Tombstone

Quaking Tombstone

Poor Captain Ludlow died back in 1833. His haunted tombstone is anything but dead! With realistic glowing taxidermy eyes and chattering jaw, this prop is sure to stand out in a graveyard scene or Halloween party. It is powered by a 110V outlet and completely...

Image of Shivering Mummy

Shivering Mummy

This lifesize mummy shakes slightly to add a spooky effect to your decor. He comes in two pieces, detached at the waist for easier shipping and storage. Additional shipping charges may apply. Power supply included. Over 5 feet tall.This item is not eligible...

Image of The Count

The Count

The Count will stand and guard your door or greet your guests with a ghoulish look and glowing red eyes. The Count is life-size and has realistic taxidermy eyes that glow, attached hair and is finished front to back for a 360 degree view. The count is...

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