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Image of "In The News" Magic Trick

"In The News" Magic Trick

A newspaper is opened and shown to the audience. The paper is folded and a glass of water is poured into it. The newspaper is unfolded, opened and even turned upside down, but the water has apparently vanished into thin air. Refold and water appears.

Image of $7 Trick

$7 Trick

Magician shows two $1.00 bills and one $5.00 bill. Right before your eyes, the five disappears, and you now have three $1.00 bills. Stage bills included, but can be done with money!

Image of Ball Climax

Ball Climax

A smash climax to multiplying balls. A one-handed production of four balls!

Image of Ball Thru Hand

Ball Thru Hand

With this trick you show metal ball and put it into the cup. Now you take the plunger and push it into the cup with the ball in it. If done right the ball is now in your hand.

Image of Bill Penetration

Bill Penetration

A one and a five dollar bill are folded to interlock. Impossible but bills visibly penetrate one another. Complete with sample stage money.

Image of Bloody Razor Blade

Bloody Razor Blade

This effect is not for anyone who is squeamish! A single-edged razor blade is shown and drawn across your wrist. Blood seems to come gushing from the wound.

Image of Ch'Ang'S Dowry

Ch'Ang'S Dowry

A beautiful walnut cabinet with black laquer accents, brass trim, red laquer block and tasseled spike complete this elegant VISUAL PENETRATION. The patter line suggests a challenge issued to the loyal subjects of Emperor Ch'ang. The object: to remove...

Image of Chop Cup & Ball Combo, Alum.

Chop Cup & Ball Combo, Alum.

Hand knit balls vanish, appear, penstrate and even multiply sheer magic.Made of Aluminum

Image of Chop Cup & Balls Combo,Copper

Chop Cup & Balls Combo,Copper

The famous cups and balls used in conjunction with the chop cup. Many fine routines are made possible! Easy to perform. Hand knit balls vanish, appear, penetrate, and even multiply by sheer magic

Image of Chop Cup 4 Ball,Mt.1'' 1 Mag

Chop Cup 4 Ball,Mt.1'' 1 Mag

Extra Ball for Chop Cup Magic Trick. 3 regular 1 magnet. Solid Color

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