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Image of Custom Vampire Fangs In Coffin, Deluxe

Custom Vampire Fangs In Coffin, Deluxe

Vampire Fangs in Coffin Closest thing to dental caps! These Vampire Teeth. simply slides over your teeth and attach. The thermoplastic acts as the adhesive to hold the fangs in place for a custom fit. No adhesive needed. Completely realistic. Does not...

Image of Fangs,Carded Vampire In Coffin

Fangs,Carded Vampire In Coffin

The closest thing to dentist caps. Both held in place by thermoplastic. No adhesive needed. Completely realistic. Does not affect speech pattern at all. Packaged with hangable card.

Image of Fangs Sexy Bites

Fangs Sexy Bites

Perfect for your pretty lady. New smaller, subtle design creates a seductive look. New shape, same custom designer fit. Vacu-forn material included.

Image of Fangs Upper Double Coffin

Fangs Upper Double Coffin

Instead of one set of Dracula fangs, you now have two. These great looking fangs fit over your own teeth for the most realistic look possible. Adhesive included.

Image of Fantom Fangs, Bat

Fantom Fangs, Bat

Custom fangs that are held into place with denture adhesive.

Image of Gold Tooth Cap

Gold Tooth Cap

A basic item for either a pirate costume or a pimp costume, either way its the details that make the costume perfect. 

Image of True Blood Custom Fangs

True Blood Custom Fangs

Officially licensed True Blood Fangs! You can custom fit these fangs to your mouth with the included instructions. Easy to do and fun to wear.

Image of Werewolf Fangs In Coffin

Werewolf Fangs In Coffin

These top quality monster fangs are held in place by specially formulated Alpha1 Thermoplastic. No adhesive needed. Completely realistic. Does not affect speech pattern at all. Werewolf makeup/mask not included.

Image of Witch Fangs

Witch Fangs

Bring out the sexy Witchy-Woman in you with our Custom Witch fangs. Put sparkle in your cackle as these two-tone fangs project your smile. Included is the patented custom fangs Alpha One Thermoplastic application to create a partial plate which keep fangs...

Image of Zombie Bites

Zombie Bites

These custom fit fangs can be zombie-fied with the brown and black tooth enamel included in each package.

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