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Image of Dummies - .38 Exit Kit

Dummies - .38 Exit Kit

Dummies - .38 Exit Kit.Includes: One thin piece of molded latex rubber in the shape of a wound and instructions.For those who endorse the right to bear arms, go on and take your best shot. The .38 Exit Wound appliance is sure to put a bang into your costu

Image of Dummies - Accessory Kit

Dummies - Accessory Kit

Dummies - Accessory Kit.Includes: Extra blood, a few extra sponges, a stack of injury colors and instructions.This Accessory Kit comes in handy for expanding on your makeup collection, tools, and knowledge. In this kit, you get extra blood, a few extra...

Image of Dummies - Clown Kit

Dummies - Clown Kit

Dummies - Clown Kit.Includes: Makeup and instructions.Clowns can be cheerful or scary, but either way, it’s fun to pretend. With this kit, learn how you can achieve the basics of the classic clown look — white face, big red smile, and dramatic eyebrow

Image of Dummies - Zombie Kit

Dummies - Zombie Kit

Dummies - Zombie Kit.Includes: Makeup and instructions.A healthy desire for the original brain food is how you may think of zombies. There’s a traditional image that may tend to stand out in your head: discolored skin and sunken hallows. Slow or fast...

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