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Image of 3-Card Monte Book

3-Card Monte Book

By John Scarne. Street game of the mid 30's that took in some of the wealthiest people of it's day. Author John Scarne teaches it all in this book.

Image of Ankle Escape

Ankle Escape

Can be used individually or with other escapes for unique effect.

Image of Appearing Cane Economy

Appearing Cane Economy

Appearing Cane Economy

Image of Bang Rat Trap

Bang Rat Trap

When the magician or clown places the hand into a prop or paper bag, a loud bang is heard by the audience. The performer removes his hand from the bag, but now is suddenly caught in a rat trap. Great visual comedy.

Image of Bargain Bouquet

Bargain Bouquet

Bargain Bouquet Economy Version A beautiful 10 bloom bouquet imported from India.

Image of Breakaway Fan

Breakaway Fan

Magician opens the fan to magically fan some object, ask for a member of the crowd to helpl by holding the fan, and guess what happens, it falls apart.

Image of Candy Factory

Candy Factory

A glass overflowing with sugar is shown. You can pour out some of the sugar and let them taste it. You then show a fancy metal tube and poke your wand through it to prove it is empty. The tube is placed over the glass. You then remove the tube and it...

Image of Card In Balloon

Card In Balloon

A card is selected from a borrowed deck. Card is marked and placed back into deck and shuffled. Deck is placed in chrome stand while a balloon is blown up and placed on top of stand. The balloon is popped to expose the marked card.

Image of Changeover Bag,Deluxe, Jumbo

Changeover Bag,Deluxe, Jumbo

Bright colored velvet with quality lining, shiny metal rim with plastic handle

Image of Chinese Laundry Tickets

Chinese Laundry Tickets

Magician tells the story how when leaving his clothes in a chinese laundry he was given a receipt that he could not read, so he tore it up. Upon his return, he was told No ticket No laundry! So, he magically restores the pieces. Two curled spiral springs

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