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Image of 13" Skull Candle

13" Skull Candle

Poor the blood wine, and light the skull candles for a ritual of unnatural causes. Do it with out the dangers, and short life span of an actual flame. Try one of these 13 x 5 inch foam LED candles with red flickering "flame", old cemetery appearance,...

Image of Animated Ghastly Reaper with Sounds

Animated Ghastly Reaper with Sounds

This reaper doesn't seem so determined to collect souls as much as he is ready to make them shrivel. This ghastly reaper is just that, garbed in a tattered white cloth robe and equipped with motion sensored bugged out light up eyes that flash, spring...

Image of Captain Jack Life Sized Pirate Head

Captain Jack Life Sized Pirate Head

Well apparently Jack didn't drink from the fountain, live long to pioneer dead souls to other side, perish in the locker, or live deadly with a gold piece. No sea turtles, rum, wenches, or high sea sailing on the Pearl. Just a final resting place in your...

Image of Fester Hanging Corpse

Fester Hanging Corpse

Not quite the Fester we know, but why not make people think so with this 54 inch not quite fresh corpse hanging from a 16 inch noose. Fester has a greenish latex face and poseable arms with greenish hands than spans 50". Dressed for the occasion in a...

Image of Full Size Door Decoration - Skull

Full Size Door Decoration - Skull

Any standard doorway to your crypt, graveyard, or cave can be turned into a deadly entrance with a very cool 72 x 29 inch door cover that emulates a sharply detailed, mystic skull with red light up eyes and spooky sounds that are sound activated! Requires...

Image of Pair of Brown Eyeballs

Pair of Brown Eyeballs

My Grandma What pretty eyes you have, but why aren't they in your head?! OH! A rare sight indeed when a pair of 2 lb eyeballs with brown iris's, bluish small veins and yellow stained sclera provide an eerie "Here's looking at you" vibe for your display,...

Image of Skeleton Arm Set

Skeleton Arm Set

Many different applications and visuals can be created by simply placing a realistic 16" skeletized human forearm and attached hand. A perfect oar for your coffin boat, or greeting sign to those who DARE TO ENTER! This item may require additional shipping...

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