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Image of Bat With Skull Head

Bat With Skull Head

Hard foam heads and bodies with thin fabric wings and skeletal wing structure. Fur covered bodies with string attached to back for easy flying mount. Really strange. 32 inches wide and 12 inches long.

Image of Flying Monkey Small

Flying Monkey Small

23" wide-15" high. This is one stange looking dude! Fur covered plastic body with bone structured, translucent cloth wings. Gaping mouth gives a very haunting look. Nylon line attached for easy hanging.

Image of Freaky Fabric

Freaky Fabric

Distressed gauze style cloth. 2 feet wide x 84 feet long.

Image of Ghoul Hanging 65 Inches

Ghoul Hanging 65 Inches

Hard foam skull, upper torso and hands with tattered, heavy cheesecloth making up the body from the chest down. Hands are attached to hanging sleeves. Hemp style hair attached to skull. Noose around neck gives an eerie look.

Image of Giant Skull

Giant Skull

This skull is as big as they come wth some cracks and crevices. Made of Styrofoam with rotting features. The jaws are immoveable.

Image of Halloween Cat Prop

Halloween Cat Prop

20 inches tall-31 inches wide. This traditional Halloween cat has his back up, tail straight up in a hunched attack position. Hard foam construction. Colors may vary. Black or reddish brown.

Image of Hand Rotted Flesh And Bone

Hand Rotted Flesh And Bone

Very realistic, hard plastic skeleton hand and wrist. Thin membrane look skin tightly pulled over the bones. Almost mummified looking. Wow! You have to see this one! Great looking!

Image of Hanging Black Wrapped Ghoul

Hanging Black Wrapped Ghoul

Grim reaper style hanging ghoul with black draped skull, adjustable arms with detailed skeletal hands attached, light-up LED eyes (requires 3 LR44 cell size batteries not included.) with dangling cloth costume.

Image of Hanging Bowler Man 36 In Prop

Hanging Bowler Man 36 In Prop

Hanging Bowler Man with open mouth. Head is vinyl and hands are plastic.

Image of Hanging Devil Clown 36 In Prop

Hanging Devil Clown 36 In Prop

Hanging devil clown with white clothing. Vinyl head and plastic hands.

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